Welcome to cinamonstix-n-sugar!
In June of 2007 I joined the wonderful world of sugar gliders and I got my first pair Meeko & Willow. About two months later I ended up getting my second pair, Icarus & Ivy. They were rescues I had found while browsing Craigslist. This meant it was time for a vet visit and double neuter. Just another two short months later I welcomed one more pair into my home. Howie and Gracie who are actually Willow’s parents. Their momma rehomed with me because of their her own health. Within two months of arriving here Howie was also neutered. In May 2008 I got a little girl I named Fern to live with Meeko & Willow from a friend of mine and in September of 2008 I got my first special colored glider from the same friend. This little guy we named Nemo and he was the most adorable and needy little leu baby. He was shortly thereafter neutered and he moved in with Meeko, Willow and Fern. Some time much later I took in a trio that another friend of mine had. Their names are Rei, Cjarsa and Syfka. Rei was already neutered so no need for a speedy neuter for once, what a relief. When Fern was about 2 years and 4 months old Willow made the executive decision she no longer wanted Fern to live with her and the boys and became very mean and aggressive with her. I immediately had to move her to a new cage where she was scared and upset. Later that day I let her meet up with the trio, which she had met one other time and they instantly adopted her in as one of their own.

In April 2010 something new began for us! I got my little guy Rafiki. After failing to introduce him to any of my suggies I decided maybe we would instead get him a pretty little girl and actually give breeding a try since it was something that had sat in my mind but was unable to do with the gliders I had. I ended up getting Rajah from Brandi of Special T Gliders. Rafiki is a Classic Grey, 100% PROVEN Leu Het, 25% Haley Plat Het. Rajah is a Powdered Platinum Colored Mosaic, 100% PROVEN Leu Het, PROVEN Pied Producer, 25%-50% Haley Plat Het, From Non-Sterile Lines. The pairing was perfect and when they met they were instant buddies. I could not have found a better match! This was the start of Cinnamonstix-N-Sugar!

I had not intended on getting any more gliders but then in July 2012 one practically fell into my lap. A dear friend brought me a little girl that had been rejected/attacked by her mother. She looked so close to gone, so much skin and wrinkles. My friend knew if anyone could save her I was one of the best bets she had. She was very dehydrated and we worked round the clock the first couple days making sure to get her hydrated via feedings and sub’q. It was hard and I had my doubts. Despite her coming with me to work every day and all the feedings and such I tried so hard to not get attached. I think I held out pretty good, but raising a joey from 12 days OOP it is hard to not get attached. We had so many bumps from losing fur and low/slow weight gains and odd staining but my little princess made it though everything and has blossomed into a gorgeous little mosaic. We arranged to keep her here named her Lily. She is in a pet only cage with a girl named Opal that was produced here out of Fiki and Rajah. They are pretty close in age and have been best buds for a long time.

Gliders are like potato chips right? So being the sucker I am I did end up getting another breeding setup as there was two colors on my list of desires, Platinum and Creme-ino. In Jan 2014 we got our breeding trio. Tael is a WF Creme-ino Mosaic, 100% PROVEN Plat Het, 25% Leu Het, Possible Pied Het. He has twin ladies with him. Tatl is a Platinum, 100% PROVEN Creme-ino Het, 50% Leu Het and Navi is a True Platinum Mosiac, 100% PROVEN Creme-ino Het, 50% Leu Het. Talk about a mouthful right? People give me CRAZY looks when I start spouting off all of the info on them!

I love my suggies and love having a small breeding number. I had planned on only having one breeding pair. Fiki and Rajah seem to either breed frequent or take really long breaks so I felt that I would still be able to expand a little in my breeding and add another pair but thanks to Brandi she talked me into taking both sisters. I love how much I am able to socialize and play with my joeys so much, something that I know I would find harder to do if I had a larger breeding number. I hope that my joeys leave here as sweet and loving towards their new owners as they have learned to be here with me. In addition to our suggies we also have our five kitties: Scooby, Swiper, Zero, Dinah and Sykes. You would think they are starved for attention as they are the most needy and spoiled people oriented kitties I have ever met! I also have a Russian tortoise named Vork. He is opinionated and just as needy as the rest of the crew around here!